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Heather Shanks, aka Professor Mom, is an author and researcher specializing in education and family life issues. Much of her work centers on creating a positive home environment and the affect of character and faith on educational success. Her website and blog,, offers moms a productivity and renewal resource to help them maximize their time and energy, as well as education planning and coaching. Heather believes that children have huge hearts and huge brains and are capable of great things when given the right foundation. Her goal is to unite American parents in recognizing that faith, character and academics are the supports of that foundation.


Hello, I am Heather Shanks, aka Professor Mom!

With almost 15 years of experience in business management and marketing, I have provided clients with assistance in business planning, organizational oversight, financial management and communications. Prior to homeschooling my own children, I served as adjunct faculty at the university level. My professional background includes oversight and development in the fields of project management, new media marketing, finance, and corporate relations. I have worked for and with a broad range of national and local companies in multiple aspects of their businesses. I have specifically focused my energies on assisting clients in developing executive-level communications strategies, interactive marketing initiatives, and transition management plans.

I hold a Master's degree in Project Management from Keller Graduate School and a B.S. in Management from Cardinal Stritch University. My home is in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, where I live with my wonderful husband, Scott and our two high energy sons. My husband and I decided to homeschool our children after much research in the education field.

I created this blog and my website in order to channel my knowledge and experience to other families. I want to encourage moms, help them develop their personal productivity, and achieve their goals. This isn't a day job for me, it's just my way of helping other families. It is wonderful to be able to use my skills to support parents who are working so hard to raise their kids right... To the future!