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August 20, 2008


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I love this post! It would be so great to go through every day like this. My downfall is house cleaning, I think. I'm working on that one! For those needing help on meal planning, you could check out groceryshrink.com. She has an ebook that teaches how to shrink your grocery budget, and one of the biggest things I learned was planning a monthly menu (planning from your pantry, especially) and shopping smarter! It was a great help as I started homeschooling this year.


I think I'm with you on the meals. My meal planning looks great, but then...well, I suppose I should cut myself some slack. An hour of cooking while the smells nauseate me frequently gets set aside for sandwiches. Eventually the morning sickness will pass, however. :)


Excellent post! I like your challenge to pick just one part of the dream and work on that.

I have been working on organizing the home this summer, but have so far only managed to make it worse. Why does it always seem to work that way? I think I'll have to agree with Lizzie's choice and try getting up earlier---spend some time to refresh myself and think about the day ahead before everything gets hectic.


Great thoughts!

My thing to work on is getting up early! We're starting school on time, but I'm not getting up early enough for it to impact my day;)!

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